What is Network Marketing?


Network Marketing or else Multi Level Marketing is the best business model for personal financial success. You may have heard stories about pyrapid skims and Cleopatra but what is this for real? How does it work? Who earns money? Let’s answer to some of these questions…

First of all lets analyse the words:

Network Marketing = The marketing uses networking abilities to achieve results. Building a human network is what is takes to succeed .

Multi Level Marketing = This means than a member of the marketing plan is been paid by several levels and not by a direct downline member. For example if an A person get a person B as direct line and B member gets a C person and again C member gets a D member, then A person have 3 levels of members which he get paid from the overall productivity.

Network Marketing or M.L.M. uses multiply effect to grow your business to the skies! Instead of working as an individual unit why don’t you work with others as team. Why wont help others to gain their financial freedom and better health in our case? By multiplying your self you multiply your earnings, your team players, your business partners network and will your help they get stronger. If you done the job right and boost your energy to help others then your success is granted for sure. It takes some time to succeed because you have to build a network of people that have the same believes as you, they reach for their economic independence , they want to help other people, they want to stay healthy, they like to work as a team.

network marketing

network marketing

Let’s make a simple example to understand how it works!

Imagine that you do some retail sales this month for 1.000 euros/dollars/or any other currency. I will use euro in the example.

Lets say that you get a profit of retail sales about 38% as a wholesale (Supervisor Level), so you earned 350 euros. 

If you have 5 good team members and do the same as you do, the outcome is 5 X 1.000 euros = 5.000 Volume productivity in retail. As if you are in Supervisor level you get 8% Bonus from your downline.

plant seed grow

plant seed grow

Do some simple maths. 5.000 euros X 8% (percentage from downline members level) = 400 euros. This 400 euros are your Bonus as a Leader or Sponsor of your team. This sum is added to your monthly income. So you earned totally this month 350 euros from your personal sales via personal usage recommendations + 400 euros from you downline productivity = 750 euros just by multiplying your self!

Now the next step is to teach other team members how to do some thing. So when your 5 members, make their own 5 contacts, you will have 25 team members (5 first line X 5 contacts from each one). 

Because our Marketing Plan is Great, you earn from your total volume. So let’s take it from the begining. 

350 euros from your personal sales 25 team members X 1.000 euros = 25.000 euros productivity. 
25.000 euros X 8% Bonus from downline volume = 2.000 euros.
Total earnings this month = 350 personal + 2000 Bonus = 2350 euros!


  • As your team grows – you increase your income. 
  • Be a mentor-teacher.
  • Just work with your self and your team.


Train your self everyday to become better than yesterday. Be able to copy your self (Multiply). Do simple tasks. This is the best business model for anyone without having special education level, skin color, age, nationality, men of female. Stand Global because you have chances to 160 countries in the world. Network

marketing stands for personal development and human contacts.