The Amazing Gifts of the Beehive.

In our world of efficiency, multi-tasking and to-do lists, it is interesting to recognize that one of the most efficient and productive operations in the world is a simple beehive. If Bees could write, there is no doubt they could create a best seller in organizational behavior and team work.

Although most hives stand less than four feet tall they generate several of nature’s most nutritive and impressive offerings. The humble honeybee is responsible for among other things honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, beeswax and bees brood to name a few.


is probably the most famous product from the beehive. Taking honey from the hive is one of the oldest crafts known to man. Etchings on walls of caves in eastern Spain, dated about 7,000 BC show man’s involvement with the honeybee. Honey has been found in sealed jars of Egyptian royalty from 3,000 years ago and when the samples were tested the honey had retained nutritional values. The creation of Honey starts with bees procuring nectar from nearby fields. The nectar is then brought back to the hive. The nectar is then consumed and regurgitated by a bee and passed to the next bee. This process can happen over a hundred times with each bee adding its own enzymes which together with the regurgitated nectar creates honey. The Bees then take the honey and store it in the cells of the honeycomb inside the hive and remove the moisture by fanning with their wings. Over the ages this delicious substance has been used in food preparation as a natural and nutritionally rich sweetener.


has been called a miracle food and the “Ambrosia of the Gods” for good reason as it is one of the most nutrient dense materials in the world. As the bees gather nectar from within the flower it also gathers pollen or the “male seed of the flower”. The bees combine the pollen with their own saliva and nectar and create small granules that we call Bee Pollen. Pollen is rich in protein and loaded with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and coenzymes. Due to the high level of nutrition in bee pollen, world class athletes have been known to use pollen to support their high intensity training and performance. Bees work all day at an amazing pace which requires the nutritional support of pollen. Humans have also used pollen to provide natural energy and stamina. Pollen along with most of the bee products are some of the rare substances scientist cannot synthetically duplicate in the lab. Nature has created a proprietary formula for Pollen that even the brightest scientific minds have yet to figure out.


is known as the great defender of the hive. The word Propolis comes from two Greek words “pro” meaning before and “polis” meaning city. Correctly translated, Propolis means defenses before the city. Bees line the inside of their hives, repair combs, seal cracks and corners with propolis to protect the colony against harmful bacteria. Bees actually line the door mat to their hive with propolis which each bee must step on prior to entering the hive. Scientist’s and Beekeepers believe that propolis is created from polyphenol rich resins from trees and plants. These resins are naturally used to protect the plant and heal damage to the plant or tree. Like pollen and honey the bees extract the resins and then add their own enzymes and together create propolis. Like the bees, man uses propolis for immune support and protection from bacteria.

Royal Jelly

Last but certainly not least is Royal Jelly, food for a Queen. Royal Jelly is fed to select bee larva from birth to promote their growth into queen bees. The only difference between a whether a larva becomes a Queen or a worker bee is the Queen is fed Royal Jelly and the worker bee is fed honey and pollen. Royal Jelly is a milk like substance which a nurse bee secretes from the hypopharyngeal glands in its head. Royal jelly is packet with antioxidants, amino acids, and other unique nutrients like lecithin, collagen, EFA’s and gamma globulin. This provides the Queen with the nutrients needed to mature quickly, growing 40% larger than normal bees, and populating the hive with over 3 million eggs in her lifetime. Royal Jelly is a special natural ingredient that many believe may support healthy hair, skin and nails, reproductive health, vitality and cellular health.

The amazing Beehive has provided us with some of the most beneficial natural products available. Science cannot duplicate what nature has perfected. I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy some of the amazing benefits of our bee products today!

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