The Benefits of Essential Oils to Human Wellness

In humans, essential oils serve to encourage homeostasis and balance and promote an environment where optimum wellness can thrive. Just as essential oils can defend plants against harmful organisms, scientists have demonstrated that essential oils may defend humans from invasion and infection by germs.

Hundreds to thousands of studies reveal that many essential oils possess properties beneficial to human wellness.

French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse healed his badly burned hand with lavender oil after a laboratory accident in 1910.

French physician Dr. Jean Valnet employed essential oils as he addressed wounds received by soldiers during World War II.

Being lipid-soluble, essential oils rapidly penetrate the tissues, enter the blood stream and interact with cells. These interactions help to encourage normal cellular activity and behavior. Scientists have discovered that some essential oils protect cells from free-radical and DNA damage that can cause cellular dysfunction. This property is important for overall well-being because healthy cells lead to healthy tissues, healthy tissues lead to healthy organs, and healthy organs lead to organ systems that thrive.

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