the story of forever living products

the story of forever living products

The story of Forever Living Products begins with one man and an ambitious dream. For years, Rex Maughan had been searching for a business idea that would bring together the two biggest goals in his life: better health and financial freedom.

In 1978 he found what he was looking for and invited 43 people to attend the first-ever Forever Living Products meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. From this single event, a journey was launched that would lead to unimaginable business success for millions.

Rex and these first FLP distributors realized they were searching for the same things that many others were. They were looking for:

  • Natural alternatives to improving health
  • An opportunity to earn greater income
  • High quality products and a simple business plan
  • A chance to help others become healthier and wealthier
aloe vera field

aloe vera field


The biggest factor behind the success of FLP products has always been our pure aloe vera – the primary ingredient in almost everything we produce.

Our stabilized aloe vera is the finest available, and to keep it that way, we are vertically integrated, which means we control everything from fields to factory, to research and development, to packaging, to shipping and distribution.

This allows us to guarantee the quality of FLP products to our millions of customers and Distributors who depend on them for a healthier life and a more rewarding lifestyle. Forever starts with 100% Aloe Vera, delicately adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products.

The versatility of Aloe Vera means that it can be used many ways to help you look and feel better.

Forever does not test its products on animals and many of them feature the Kosher, Halal and Islamic Seals of Approval.



forever quality

forever quality

In order to ensure the highest quality, Forever cultivates Aloe Vera on its privately owned plantations, avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides.

With over 50 million Aloe Vera plants, Forever’s Aloe Vera plantations work to cleanse the earth of two million tons of CO2 every year.

Forever farmers harvest the Aloe by hand, treating it with great care. Our highly potent Aloe Vera gel is delicately separated from the leaf pulp and gently stabilized in a special, patented process.

The leaves are processed within hours to provide the purest, freshest Aloe Vera gel with all of its inherent qualities intact. The key to Forever’s success is a commitment to quality and purity. From planting and tending, to harvesting and production, Forever’s Aloe is carefully nurtured with the same level of care and standards that are put into each one of our products.

Our aloe vera products were the first to receive the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval for consistency and purity. Many of the products also feature the Kosher, Halal and Islamic Seals of Approval, which further demonstrate the global appeal of Forever Living Products. These products are not tested on animals.



money back guarranty



  1. The Number 1 Company Aloe Vera in the world for 37 years.
  2. The purest and most of Aloe Vera in the market content.
  3. It is the first company in the world that acquired the Seal of Approval of the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).
  4. Only Forever have unique stabilization patent holding the gel alive as it is in the aloe leaf.
  5. The stabilizing ingredients derived from fruits of nature.
  6. The Forever owns crops and plants in America.
  7. We control the entire process from cultivation, harvesting, manufacturing to final distribution.



forever stabilization patentUS PATENT No. 6713095 & 6869624 SINCE 1978

Only Forever provides 100% stabilized gel. Surveys have shown that thanks to the exclusive patented stabilization of Aloe Vera of Forever, you can be sure that the aloe gel used by the company comes alive in your hands from nature.



aloe vera fields organic

aloe vera fields organic

Pure, stabilized aloe vera is the main source of our amazing products. We are very careful to be sure that you always provide the best aloe vera in the world. That is why we have our own plantations.

Forever Living Products, has plantations in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, and 26,000 hectares of plantations in the Dominican Republic – the greater extent Aloe world!

Harvesting is done by hand, with great care by our farmers. The leaves are processed and separated precious gel within a few hours, so you get the most pure and fresh jelly Aloe Vera, intact with all its inherent properties.



organic plantation

organic plantation

Goats and young sheep instead of chemical herbicides and cleanse our plants from pests to grow a great crop without putting the health of aloe or the environment.

We keep growing methods, harvesting and processing by hand in order to ensure the highest levels of quality control as to use goats and sheep for the control of weeds and natural fertilization of plants.

Our healthy plants grow in a healthy environment as well as on Texas farms and Dominican Republic are grazing goats and sheep that clean of pests and fertilize the soil with 100% natural way. This allows to cultivate our excellent crop without compromising the health of aloe or the environment



aloe vera gel factory

aloe vera gel factory

At Aloe Vera of America we control every aspect of our process from quality sourcing and owning our own farms to when our final product is sent to Forever Business Owners. By being in control of 100% of every aspect of our business we are able to focus on what matters most: quality. We are proud to know that our world class operation gives Forever Business Owners and consumers the extra trust and confidence that they are being supported by what we consider one of the best companies in the world.


forever aloe plantations

forever aloe plantations

Forever Living Products, to ensure the best quality cultivates Aloe Vera in privately owned plantations, so be sure that there is no use of herbicides or pesticides.

With more than 50 million aloe vera plants, the Forever Aloe Plantations help the earth to clean two million Toyo CO2 annually. The high content of aloe gel carefully separated from the sheet and is fixed by a special patented process.

The key to success of Forever is the commitment to quality and purity. From the cultivation and care to harvest the aloe plants carefully cultivated with the same level of care and the standards set for each of its products.

People working on crops Aloe Aloe collect by hand, with much attention and care. The leaves are processed within a few hours, in order to offer the most pure and fresh aloe, encompassing all the intrinsic properties. Aloe of FLP not boiled. We use only lower temperatures of pasteurisation to ensure that the activity of the enzyme is maintained unchanged. The cold treatment locks the nutrients immediately after harvesting and helps the product to retain full potency, longer.

This is ensured through regular, exhaustive checks by Forever beginning from the stage of cultivation and production until the final distribution. Pure aloe vera gel is the basis for all the products of Forever.

The Forever begins with 100% inner gel of the leaf, carefully adding other components to produce surprisingly products. The stabilizing ingredients derived from fruits and fruits of nature. The multiple use of aloe vera means it can be taken either in oral form or applied to the skin. The products of Forever, for the production of which are not animal testing, is proof of the ability of nature to help us look and feel great.



aloe vera of America

aloe vera of America

H Forever Living Products has international prestige renowned scientists who are world leaders in the production sector. Because of their dedication, the Forever Living Products and Aloe Vera of America is able to offer innovative products and a unique quality level incomparable with others!

forever nutraceutical

forever nutraceutical

The Forever Living has the mentality of excellent and Forever Nutraceutical factory is no exception. Our facilities have an area 7.500t.m is enviable. Each year, we prepare more than 2 billion tablets, 20 million bottles, 2,000,000 packages and more than 2, 5 million pounds of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential nutrients and proteins. And every product that comes out of this building meets the highest quality criteria. In Forever Nutraceutical factory we prepare products that help people around the world to live a better, healthier and happy life. We make top quality supplements and value for our partners and we are proud to present the quality with which we manufacture our products. Forever Living Products, has perfected the supply chain and the entire production process for 37 years, giving an incredible advantage Forever Nutraceutical compared to competitors.

We know that when consumers take our products usually do not see more than a simple tablet. They know little about the hundreds exhaustive steps which are necessary to prepare each a small, but so precious tablet. In Forever Nutraceutical factory we are extremely proud of the products we produce and that is because we check every stage, from raw materials to finished products. We are proud to maintain the highest levels of quality at every stage of production. Something else that is not perceived by most consumers, is that in addition to the criteria set by the state and the industrial criteria Forever maintains its own additional criteria are the highest that exist. Many of quality checks carried out have not been assigned by regulators or the FDA (International Food and Drug Administration). Standards of Forever are among the many additional steps have become an integral part of the specification and the quality control program. Few companies in the industry of nutritional supplements arrive at our point, but we want to know the partners and our customers that not only take what is indicated on the label, but take the best.



The search for better quality of unique and powerful components is not straightforward. Ensuring that start with anything less than excellent, we apply strict controls and detailed analysis that not only meet the criteria established by the state and industry standards, but also the highest quality standards available, those of Forever.



In Forever nutraceutical factory carefully check each batch separately, in each stage of production-from raw material to finished product; so we are absolutely sure that on the label is exactly what is contained in the product. There are many companies in the nutritional supplement industry to adhere so strictly standards.

So that is why Forever Living Products is so Unique in the World!

Try our products if not yet and look better and feel better