First read some important informations about the need of Stabilization process and why it must be done fast!



Oxidation is a state where fruit and vegetable lose moisture due to the atmosphere’s oxygen, when we remove the harder outer ring of the main body, like an apple, potate and much more…In a few minutes it begins to loose the original fruit state and most of the valuable benefits.
Just like most of the fruit and vegetable, oxidation reaction begins very fast after Aloe Vera has been chopped by it’s harvest. In order to achive all the nutrition preservation, aloe must be processed very quickly after cutting. This process to maintain quality of the plant is called «Stabilization».



The aloe vera is plant of the desert and it has amazing capability to absorb abd preserve moisture. Water as other important nutrition ingredients are stored inside the gel fillet. That is why the inside gel fillet is the most presious part of the plant and has the benefits we all desire to receive.



Although stabilization methods can be different between producers, we will only mention our basic difference that make Forever Living Products the Best Quality products with Stabilized Gel and why!

Many use the whole Leaf to stabilize which is very common way and cheaper way to do. The whole plant is harvest and grinded, so the gel that is stored within the gel fillet is mixed also with rind, sap and oter substances. Then the next step is to filter the Gel in order to remove these other components with are not good for consumption. The final steps where actually stabilization process happens is either pasteurization or other sterilization methods. Using there ways has drawbacks because many useful ingredients and valuable nutritions are lost during the process. FLP Does Not Do That!

Forever’ s Inner Gel Stabilization Process – Method used…

Of course it is more expensive way to do, but also the right way to achive the best quality results for consumers. Forever Living Products have several patents on these stabilization methods, which makes the company unique.

The FLP Stabilization Process

Instead of using the whole plant, Forever uses only the leaf’s inner Gel Fillet. Forever’s specialised workers separate the gel from the rind. Then the rind is returned back on the fields to be used as a natural fertilizer. That way we approach quality and purity of the Gel, because of 100% natural biological way for the products and our own plants. By cutting the Gel and separating it from the leaf, does not need any more filtration and we capture all the valuable ingredients and nutritions Aloe Vera Plant gives us.
The final step of the procedure is to quickly use cold stabilization method. This is proven the best system to preserve everything we have mentioned previously.
Forever Living Products is commited to produce and deliver only the best aloe vera products since 1978 thanks to scientific researches to find the best solutions to produce the best products in the world.

What is the patent?

Patent is the exclusive right to use by the invertor or creator of a method, process, substance or mechanism and forbids others to use them without the permission of the owner who owns the patent.

Therefore the Stabilization patent is the invention of the conservatiob process of aloe vera gel, ina a situation that almost verges on the original format, retaining physicla strength and effectiveness, namely the properties and benefits of this plant. Without stabilization, the wear begins, even if frozen.

Forever Living Products, is patent holder of the stabilization process and develop the knowledge and experience in relation to the Aloe so much as anyone else.